BROADCAST / High-Bandwidth Scalable Storage

Today’s broadcasters face enormous challenges in dealing with digital content workflows and massive file sizes. As workflows become increasingly open-systems based, and the choice of applications becomes greater than ever, the importance of a scalable, highly optimizable storage solution is enormous. Storage is at the heart of every digital broadcast environment, and must be both highly reliable and extremely flexible. Active Storage products were built with those attributes at their core, along with ease of use, and ease of deployment.

Active Storage technology provides a self-optimizing architecture that lends itself well to the changing and demanding needs of broadcasters using and moving to open systems. Our extensive knowledge of Modern OS systems such as Mac OS X and Linux give Active Storage the unique ability to derive the greatest throughput and reliability, when dealing with the large file size of content used in broadcast. Active Storage’s experience with complex workflows and interfacing with open system partners within some of the premier owned-content broadcasters around the world, provides a real-world perspective on how optimized media production and playout systems can, and should work.

Active Storage systems are designed to provide out-of-box performance and reliability for intense broadcast environments. Our storage solutions are based on industry standard components and require no additional client or server software, and work natively within a workflow’s file system. This allows for scalability, growth, and easy migration if required.

The investment in storage for your broadcast facility can be significant, and scaling it to meet growing needs and more and more content must always be considered. Active Storage can scale in both capacity and performance, and does so in a cost-effective manner that fits your individual needs.

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